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For students and graduates

Why do newcomers choose EKKER Company?

If during the academic period you have been working hard, now it is high time to apply your theoretical knowledge practically. We offer you the key to the door of your success. So, why don’t you open this door to the future together with EKKER Company? Are you ready to join the team of winners and work with the biggest and most interesting projects?

What are the advantages of working for EKKER Company?

EKKER is managing many large complex projects in different regions of Russia. This gives the opportunity to its employees to take part in projects implementation by completing the most critical strategic and engineering objectives.

Newcomers are provided with the possibility to participate in fulfillment of definite corporate objectives, exposure to high technologies as well as learn new principles of Doing Business and rendering high quality services. And if you correspond to EKKER Company requirements, we are ready to discuss the possibilities of your career advancement, vocational training and advanced vocational training as well as other profitable bonuses.
Send your CV: hr@ekker.pro