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Besides execution of engineering works on site EKKER provides to its clients technical consulting for the most successful execution of the project.

Many years of company experience prove that a professional technical consulting helps investor and construction contractor to answer many questions in regard to project technical competence, engineering solutions justification, minimize the cost of construction. EKKER provides technical consulting in cases when it is required to lower equipment costs, lower design and construction costs, costs associated with maintenance and cut the payoff period and observing environment and health safety. Timely provided consulting services allow raising the work effectiveness, cut the time of decision-making and raise the project execution profit.

Services provided in this field:

  • Pre-design consulting
  • Assessment of existing technical equipment
  • Preparation of TEF (technical and economic feasibility) and ROI (risk of investment)
  • Scope of work development
  • Independent assessment of project works progress
  • Health and environmental safety control
  • Developing the programs for systems upgrade and enlargement
  • Recruiting and training of maintenance personnel