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For many years of work EKKER has developed a global logistics network that allows providing smooth equipment purchase and delivery to any location of project execution. EKKER offers to its clients a systematic approach to purchasing and logistics processes, managing the knowledge of market, equipment and prices that allows guaranteeing the maximum return of investments.

To optimize Clients’ expenses the EKKER’s team of professional purchasers considers technical, operational characteristics of the equipment, its price and logistics which helps to provide quick search, purchasing of the equipment and its timely delivery to the construction site.

EKKER has stable relations with more than 30 Russian and Iternatinal manufacturers and vendors of the equipment. This helps us to guarantee more tight deadlines for equipment manufacturing and procrument as well as lower price.

Services provided in this field:

  • equipment choice consulting;
  • test site arrangements;
  • equipment procrument;
  • providing server equipment with special software.