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EKKER Company Participated in Round-Table Conference: «Unique Facilities of Asian – Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. 2011 Results. Construction Progress»


EKKER Company Director General participated in the Round-Table Conference: «Unique Facilities of Asian — Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. 2011 Results. Construction Progress» to report about «Reliable Support of Summit Constructions in Vladivostok City»

During the round-table conference related to construction issues, where the participants discussed unique facilities of Asian — Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit and problems of their construction, it became known what kind of unprecedented safety measures were applied for the facilities protection.

Artem Shkuro, «EKKER Systems & Solutions» CEO: — For the last five years it has occurred more than 80 terrorist attacks in Russia, which killed over 200 people and about 1500 people were injured. The terrorists are still targeted at the crowded downtown areas as well as Governmental, Ministerial and Military Facilities. However recently terrorists have chosen another target — strategically and hazardous facilities which disabling may result in catastrophic consequences. Such facilities are fuel and energy facilities, industrial facilities, transportation facilities, housing and public utilities, etc. As a result, this year the Government amended the current legislation. Now it is required to consider comprehensive system of security equipment. Primorye region is too far from the terrorist attacks centre in Russia. However during the APEC Summit and after it the number of arrived people will significantly increase. Therefore the importance of security and protection will rise by many times as well. Summit Facilities may become the new targets of terrorist attacks. However they were designed in 2008-2009, without consideration to last requirements of the amended Law. Besides for the last several years the level of engineering and technical systems was upgraded and raised significantly. And that in its turn affected the equipment operation cost, systems fail safety of, etc. In this regard today we have the issue related to technical retrofitting and modernization of existing technical security and protection equipment for both new and constructed buildings.
After taking large-scale measures to study the mentioned issue as well as investigation of the experience obtained both in Russia and abroad, the «EKKER» Company developed the large portfolio of solutions for protection of facilities against terrorist threat. Such solutions have already been implemented successfully in some facilities of regional transport infrastructure («VMTP» OJSC) and power production facilities («RАО Unified Energy System of East» OJSV).

But the EKKER Company did not stop on these achievements and continued further exploration of the issues related to supply of facility protection means against terrorist attacks. Currently the Company is working on the project on creation of the computerized system of modeling of terroristic threats as well as ways of response. This system shall model possible scenarios of unauthorized access to facility as well as required response to be performed by security equipment and security personnel of the facility. Also the system is supposed to be a simulator for security personnel in order to improve their skills. The Far Eastern power generating companies have already become interested in this system and are ready to test it in their facilities.

VLADIVOSTOK CITY. November 21, 2011. Vostok-Media