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Finnish-Russian-Japanese Business Forum


EKKER Company participated in Finnish-Russian-Japanese Business Forum held in 06.10.2011 at the main building of Vladivostok State University of Economic and Service (VGUES).

The day before a large delegation of Finnish and Japanese businessmen arrived to Vladivostok in order to meet with representatives of Primorye Business Elite. This event was carried out under the auspices of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce as well as Finland Embassy in Japan.

The key issues for Finnish and Japanese businessmen discussion were development of logistics, improvement of financial relations as well as implementation of projects within the frames of APEC-2012 Summit preparation.

In the course of negotiations the EKKER Company achieved agreement on cooperation with International Construction Developer Ahma Engineers Ltd. (www. ahmaengineers. ru ). Agreement is related to interaction within the frames of the largest regional projects implementation in the field of mining, oil and gas production industries, construction, etc.
Ahma Engineers Ltd. — is the major international engineering company with headquarter in Finland. It is specialized in rendering the services on projects management as well as management of facilities construction.

Another company which agreed to cooperate is EP-Logistics (www. ep-logistics. fi ). This well-known company is a worldwide expert and operator in the field of logistics centers management. The company provides the maintenance of many sea ports and logistic centers located in the northern and northern-western parts of Europe. EP-Logistics is also well-known in Russia. In particular, the company cooperate with FESCO and Far Eastern Transport Group (DVGT, Nakhodka). EKKER and EP-Logistics Companies came into agreement on experience exchange in the field of innovative approach to logistic centers development.