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EKKER and LG Electronics Hold Official Meeting with Clients and Contractors Involved in APEC Summit 2012 Facilities Construction


On July 14, 2011 EKKER Systems & Solutions together with LG Electronics representatives hold a meeting with State Clients and General Contractors, involved APEC Summit 2012 facilities construction, at office of Federal State Establishment «The Russian Ministry of Regional Development Far Eastern Directorate». The meeting was initiated by Korean Republic Consulate General in Vladivostok. On behalf of Korean party there were — Kim Yong — Director of LG Electronics Conditioning and Energy Saving Department in CIS, Yu Jiwon — Director of LG Electronics Marketing Department dealing with Company Commercial Projects, Lee Dong Gun — Director of «LG Electronics RUS» LLC affiliate branch in Vladivostok, Maksim Petin — «LG Electronics RUS» LLC Commercial Projects Specialist and Artem Shkuro — EKKER Systems & Solutions Chief Executive Officer; on behalf of Russian party there were — representatives of Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU), Federal State Establishment Interregional Road Construction Directorate «Vladivostok», «Krokus International» CJSV, SK Most, «Mostovik» Research and Manufacturing Association, Primorye Territory Road Facilities Department and Non-Profit Partnership Self Regulated Organization «Primorye Alliance of Designers».

At beginning of this meeting, Viktor Ivanovich Primachuk — First Deputy Director General of «The Russian Ministry of Regional Development Far Eastern Directorate» FSE noted that, APEC-2012 Summit Constructions is a Russian project implemented by the Russian contractors and based on federal budget financing. However it does not mean that the designers are not interested in new foreign origin technologies. «Many facilities, — as noted by Primachuk, — are at the stage of project completion. But after construction of the facilities there is a great number of issues related to such facilities utilization, namely:— the Federal University, two bridges, airport and roads. And that’s where we can apply all your technologies to utilize all these facilities!»

Speaking on innovations the LG Electronics and EKKER companies’ representatives have represented a lot of new engineering solutions, which now can be applied in buildings and structures both in finished or under construction condition. These solutions include: cost-efficient conditioning systems, energy saving equipment, solar cell batteries, safety and automation integrated systems. Besides, nowadays the Korean party presents new generation of powerful lightning equipment capable to illuminate large areas without surplus of UV radiation and thus protecting the illuminated objects surface from burning-out. While answering the questions asked by the event participants, the LG Electronics representatives told about high level of their today readiness for participation in Primorye Facilities Construction projects — for that purposes the Korean party had already provided engineering partner working in Vladivostok, i. e. EKKER Company. All products are certified in Russia and geared towards the Russian standards.

In the course of meeting the Korean company representatives exchanged their views with Primorye designers. Thus, «Primorye Alliance of Designers» representative advised to South Korean businessmen pay attention not only to the APEC Summit 2012 facilities, but also to the facilities constructed beyond the frames of Subprogram, such as gambling and residential area to be constructed in Trudovoye Settlement. In his turn Viktor Primachuk turned attention of LG Electronics representatives to promotion of energy saving technologies. «Nowadays we can see a tendency that almost all European countries began to use energy saving technologies, — as highlighted by him. — If you are ready to provide such technologies of high quality and at reasonable price, you will have a real chance to participate in Primorye facilities equipping!»

At the end of the meeting the parties came to the agreement on holding such meeting on a regular basis giving to designers the opportunity to get information about new innovative technologies, and Korean company together with its engineering partner will have the opportunity to promote their products and services in the Far Eastern Region.