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ЕККЕR Systems & Solutions Director General Congratulations with the Day of Construction Industry


Dear Construction Industry employees!

Let me congratulate you with the upcoming professional holiday — Day of Construction Industry employee!

It is difficult to overestimate your today’s work for the benefit of your region. Roads, bridges, living facilities, office buildings and hundreds of facilities of the social purpose are built only due to your hard work. With the upcoming events of АPEC 2012 Summit in Vladivostok we can see significant intensification of construction industry works in Primorye!
Today we can observe active development of Primorye due to the work of Construction Industry employees, who despite the difficulties continue to build new facilities and develop economy of the region. I would like to underline that company EKKER successfully and closely cooperates with the builders of Primorye, who I would also like to thank a lot.

Also today I would like to wish all Primorye builders prosperity, success, development, health and family well-being!

«ЕККЕR Systems & Solutions» Director General Artem Shkuro