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EKKER will become a Major Investor of the Robot Technologies Project


EKKER Company and «Intechros» Research, Development and Manufacturing Enterprise entered into the agreement on the start up of the co-project on development of the multifunction robot-based modular platform (MRMP).

Current project objective is to create a self-contained basic robot apparatus able to cross both a level and rugged terrain under various weather conditions for the purpose of area survey, data transfer, transporting of objects to the dedicated location, operation at the remote sites and/or in hazardous working conditions.
The platform is self movable or can be jogged by operator. The robot will have a light and solid body, equipped with modern communication and navigation systems, Wi-Fi / Wi-MAX modules, GPS module / GLONASS, GPS/GPRS/EDGE/3G terminal and set of positioning and orientation sensors. The platform will also have multifunction hands-manipulators with optional hot swap in order to perform different operations in manual or autonomous modes.

Visual and video control will be performed by means of microphones, 360-degree field of view digital cameras, thermal imaging device and intelligent video analysis system installed to the robot.

In 2012 the «Intechros» will finish current project research, design and experimental works and parties will start the manufacturing of the first machine. This is going to be a 2 years project and EKKER is planning to invest and support the design of prototype mechanics and junctions, development of the robot control software and hardware, including microprocessors and controlling microcontrollers, modules and sensors, digital and analog video surveillance cameras as well as intelligent video analysis system software.
As explained by the project participants, this device is designed for utilization by security agencies, antiterrorist subdivisions, EMERCOM as well as civilian communities.
Moreover, the device prototype is intended to participate in several international contests of robot and robot technique devices, where it will be run through a number of serious trials to compete with teams came from all over the world (China, Japan, Thailand, USA, Israel, etc.).

Reference: «Intechros» Research, Development and Manufacturing Enterprise is a developer of the microcontrollers, industrial units automation systems and complexes, energy measuring and saving systems and their elements, special LED-lightning equipment, developer of software and various automation objects, developer of the software for industrial complexes, developer of IT-solutions, safety systems leading research, design and experimental activity, providing technical support and consultations, warranty and maintenance services.

Dedicated website: www.intechrus.ru