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EKKER will Equip DOORS Company Chain Stores with Remote Video Surveillance Systems.


EKKER has entered into the agreement with DOORS Company, the Russian Far East market leading manufacturer of the metal front doors, on installation of the remote video surveillance systems in all Company chain stores and show-rooms. Doors Company has more than six affiliated offices some of which are not in Vladivostok City. The Company has made a decision to arrange the remote video control over all its chain stores in order to improve the quality of provided services as well as insure safety of Company’s property. Technical solution developed by EKKER’s specialists fully satisfied the representatives of DOORS Company. Digital system of distributed video surveillance is developed on the basis of Microdigital equipment manufactured in the South Korea and makes it possible to provide the on-line control of affiliates work via Internet or save the video in archives. The system may be easily expanded in future with no excessive cost.