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Partnership between EKKER, LG and Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU) — another Step to Create Smart-Campus


To be familiarized and discuss new perspectives of cooperation, the Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU) was visited by the Russian-Korean delegation represented by Lee Dong Gun — Director of «LG Electronics RUS» LLC affiliate branch in Vladivostok, Yoon Kwansik — Director of LGE Conditioning Marketing Department in CIS, EKKER Systems & Solutions Chief Executive Officer — Artem Shkuro and «LG Electronics RUS» LLC Commercial Projects Specialist — Maksim Petin. On behalf of the University — Andrey Babko — Vice Principal of DVFU International Relations Department and Ilya Krasilnikov — Director of University IT- Department.

— LG Corporation is well-known all over the world. All new and the most useful ideas in techniques and technologies come from the Republic of Korea exactly. Each of these international partnerships visits to the DVFU showing the big interests of companies to develop relations with the university, — as it was noted by Andrey Babko, DVFU Vice Principal, while welcoming the delegation.

During this visit the guests and University representatives discussed opportunities of LG Company for construction of the DVFU Smart Campus on Russky Island, as well as provision of its innovative systems maintenance. LG Corporation is ready to take upon itself the construction of the campus security system including integrated video surveillance and register system, as well as implement it into a Campus General Network Infrastructure. LG Company and its engineering partner EKKER Company have collected a wide experience and developed a lot of system solutions.

— We are planning to install the Lectures Profiling and Recording System through the video with option of their saving and sharing via the Internet. The teachers will give lectures in the classroom, and if a student has missed this lecture for any reasons, he will be able to watch it on-line or get its saved copy. Undoubtedly it will be a difficult and enough powerful system designed for 400 classrooms with a big stream of video, audio records and presentations, — as explained by Ilya Krasilnikov — IT-Department Director.
— LG Company has the opportunity to install such system. Here we are ready to cooperate with the company and provide any assistance both in technical and information and software aspects, — as told by Artem Shkuro — EKKER System & Solutions Chief Executive Officer.

Additionally the University representatives were interested in Displays Network System which allows controlling a training process in the PC classroom directly by the teacher’s PC. They were also interested in possibility of equipping the DVFU University classrooms with professional interactive panels to reflect all training materials, as well as its saving and sharing via the Internet.

— Today’s meeting — is an important step made on the way to our cooperation. The University will certainly make use of services proposed by LG Company. Ilya Krasilnikov will be an excellent guide forgetting of LG Company to our University. And we, as DVFU University International Department, will provide full support for this cooperation, — as summarized by Andrey Babko. The parties agreed on a number of further detailed discussions regarding the possibility of LG-technologies integration into Smart-Campus.